Opportunities with the Swiss youth sector


Facilitated by Léa Kolzer, Röder Claudia, Lea Meister, Andreas Bosshart, NA Switzerland (Movetia)

Workshop description:

Opportunities of exchange, mobility and cooperation with the Swiss youth sector: Although Switzerland is not an official Erasmus+ member it is indeed possible to cooperate with Swiss partner organisations.

Unfortunately, this is not always clear to all of the relevant stakeholders and our status in Europe might be seen as a hurdle for projects in the Youth Sector.

We gave interested NAs an insight on how our programme works, how relevant Swiss organisations can be found and what needs to be kept in mind when organising a mobility or cooperation project with Swiss partners.


Sharing the outcomes:

This Miro was made available to share the main areas of discussion, the outcomes (decisions etc) and any resources or links.


Switz miro
Click on this image to open reporting in Miro, 


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