Wellbeing and Mental Health

wellbeing and mental health image

Discussion facilitated by Darko Markovic

This was already becoming an emerging important subject before the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now even more relevant, with many related policies developed in the last two years. This session was to discuss the current situation, based on studies and research. Then to elaborate possible Programme responses, share experiences and explore existing initiatives.


Sharing the outcomes:

Padlet used during workshop - see the PDF download at the bottom of the page.

This Miro was made available to share the main areas of discussion, the outcomes (decisions etc) and any resources or links.

wellbeing miro



The Miro frames will then be shared with all other participants through this NAyouthlab.eu webpage.

The more you give, the more others can benefit from it.

[If no-one in your workshop can cope with Miro, we have an alternative reporting format that anyone can fill: please CLICK HERE to fill in this workshop google report form instead].

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