Facilitated by Tony Geudens, SALTO Inclusion & Diversity

Workshop description:

Explaining about the SALTO Resource Centre, differnet tools available for beneficiaries and for NAs, an overview of the strategy, including trainings, linking to SPIs etc.

SALTO I&D has developed a few interesting tools lately that we will present:

  • ID Roadmap to plan your NAs inclusion work (
  • ID awareness tool & training session for assessors of E+/ESC
  • Q! App ( (other full session available also on this)
  • Other tools too (e.g. Digital inclusion, Embracing diversity, Podcasts on how to make an ID Strategy).


Sharing the outcomes:

This Miro was made available to share the main areas of discussion, the outcomes (decisions etc) and any resources or links. This group uploaded photos of the flipcharts they used during the LAB - you can find them on the Miro.

ID tools
Click on this image to open reporting in Miro, 

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