EU Youth Progs in a changing world


After discussing the expert input on 24th March 2022, National Agency colleagues reflected on what is happening in the world, how the EU Youth Programmes can respond to the changing needs, and channelled some messaging to their other NA colleagues about the current feelings and needs.

Strong emphasis was put on cooperation between the network, to perservere in the work that is being done and to keep an emotional balance. European solidarity was underlined, as well as values in general, and again the concepts of resilience and citizenship education came up.

The context of the war in Ukraine, dealing with crisis after crisis, and some elements related to the current reality for young people were touched on.

There were also many suggestions of how the Programmes could change, related to all these current needs.

autumn leaves

The padlet at the bottom shows the raw outcomes of the session. This was processed into the mindmap below.


Mind map of youth progs in changing world


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