KMST Competence Framework

competences and values

Moving from ‘what we do’ to ‘how we do it’

A new Framework has been developed for NA staff, to strengthen the competence-based approach in staff development activities. It will support the mentoring and coaching of staff, provide a common language about priorities and quality standards, give an effective framework for self-assessment and feedback, and provide a way forward for present and future requirements of the NA network.

It should help re-think, deepen and broaden KMST activities, give a training needs assessment and guide KMST trainers through training design.

It is made of three main layers: Knowledge, Values and Competences.

Knowledge outlines what members of NA staff should KNOW to be able to do their job effectively. It covers areas such as knowledge of the NA guide, the Programme Guide(s), Programme strategies, the reality and context of young people, the reality and context of youth work, understanding of Non-Formal Education, national youth policy, European youth policy, youth research, other mobility programmes (national, bilateral and international).

Values – There are 9 core values to promote and role-model: Diversity, Inclusion, Mobility, Equality, Sustainability, Solidarity, Active Citizenship, European Awareness, Learning

Competences – 5 different competences for effective and high quality performance, in each of the three areas of nurturing self-leadership (focus on self), supporting and co-creating (focus on others – beneficiaries, colleagues in NA, other NAs) and maximising programme impact (focus outwards, on the bigger picture).

A self-assessment framework is available and can help with reflection and measuring development. And the freely available card game can help you learn by doing :)

Find the google drive folder with all the KMST resources HERE (booklet, card game, mat and wheel for team analysis).


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